About Gadget Girl

I love figuring out how to use technology in new and creative ways to solve everyday problems. I use gadgets and apps in just about every facet of my life - even when I'm sleeping!

This website is for me to share how to use technology for better: better work, better life, better play.

Of course, there are the occasional pieces targetted at my fellow geeks: otherwise I'll lose my street-cred. And because I work in the technology sector, it's natural to write stuff for other ICT professionals. These can be found in the business section of the site.

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About me

I am a tech-hedonist from way back. Not only do I get to play with all sorts of geeky stuff for work and fun, I also keep blogs on poetry and random musings, beekeeping, and style. I have a major stationery fetish and a toolkit for everything!

It wasn't always about shiny toys and solving technical riddles: there was a time when I spent hours in the studio doing plies and tendus. Although I still pull out the pointe shoes on occasion - and have a barre installed at home - these days I work with companies on large-scale IT implementations, service delivery, and ICT strategy; and write articles about cool stuff like handy apps and sexy electronics. Funny what we end up doing.

I'm still into the dancing thing, but you don't have to go to the theatre to see me perform: just look out for Mx5Pixie on the Dance Central leaderboards instead - Kinect versions of course.

Why Gadget Girl? 

It's a moniker given to me by colleagues nearly fifteen years ago when I turned up at work with a Sony Vaio PCG-C1XA and a Nokia 8210... because netbook wasn't a term back then, QR codes weren't plastered everywhere and voice dialing was brand spanking on a cellphone.

Loading a triple-boot onto the clamshell so I could run the native Win 98, plus a Windows 2000 Server and a Linux Redhat installation was a bit nerdy. In those dark ages, JQuery and Ajax were called DHTML and consisted of HTML, CSS and Javascript hand-rolled to create dynamic browser behaviours using the DOM. Enough with the TLAs! If you want to check out my professional background, visit my LinkedIn profile.

My friends often start conversations with "Gadget Girl, I need to..." and I still get a giggle from it.

Mia Morrish | LinkedIn

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