Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard N5901

Some of my DealExtreme orders arrived this week and this evening we've been enjoying the use of the Lenovo N5901 bluetooth keyboard with trackball. It's replaced the old Acer wireless keyboard and mouse for the entertainment PC and is far more convenient in size.

So far, so good. I can see why it's gotten good ratings. The trackball is responsive and the keyboard is just a tad larger than the one on my Nokia N97. It has dedicated media and My Computer buttons as well as left, right, up and down keys for non-trackball navigation. It also comes with a USB bluetooth dongle which can be hidden in the battery compartment if your pairing device has built in bluetooth.

Because the width of the keyboard is wider than my thumb can reach, it's easier typing with both hands. This isn't a problem for me as I'm ambidextrous when it comes to phone and mini qwerty keypads.

I know there are far dinkier mini keyboards out there but this is pretty sweet for a paltry US$38.30 and, of course, DealExtreme's free international shipping.

Note: If you're not 'touch-typist' with qwerty keyboards the small size of the keys might prove a bit challenging. It would be useful if the keys were backlit as it's hard to see the lettering on the keys given their size. However, for the price and name brand and since these are not an issue for me, I still think this is an excellent purchase.

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