What's that song?

Ever have those times when you're listening to the radio, at a social event or at the movies and you hear a song but don't know or can't remember the title? Well, if you have a smartphone handy, there's a solution for that. Whilst there's a few apps and services to choose from, I use SoundHound.

SoundHound Inc.
SoundHound is now available for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry. I use it on the iPhone and it's free to download. An upgrade of $9.99 USD will get a banner-ad free version and extra features. For my occasional use, the free edition works just fine and I can even review the history of songs I've had the hound sniff out.

What's even cooler? If you have a song stuck in your head, humming or singing it will work too. Those who know me, know that I can't keep a tune to save my life but it still found Blister in the Sun with me humming or singing.

You'll need to be connected to the internet and SoundHound works best with a good bandwidth.
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