Ice Cream Sandwich for the price of chips

Today I stopped by The Warehouse to pick up a Nextbook 7SE Android tablet. It's for a case-study I'm doing on more efficient ways to carry out administrative tasks. When I last bought a cheap Android a couple of years ago, it was heavy and loaded against the Chinese Google Store which meant that most of the apps I wanted weren't available.

The experience this evening was far different. This time, I wasn't ordering online: I drove to a reputable store with the tablets on display. The box contained Australasian plugs and a device that feels as nice to touch and to use as my equivalent Nexus 7. Loading up Ice Cream Sandwich (4.1.1), adding a Google account and downloading Audionote from Play was quick and simple. It's a fairly standard install of the OS.

What's absolutely surprising is that this is an 8GB on-board memory device, with micro-SD card slot capable of a further 32GB, dual core, micro-USB, micro-HDMI, front and rear cameras and Bluetooth. It's list price was NZ$199, but because I was looking for the 4GB version (my experiment doesn't need a heck of a lot) and they'd run out of stock, they gave me the premium version for NZ$129. And when I got it home, it had full charge ready to go. The pack not only contained the charger and manuals, it also had a micro-USB cable, a pouch and screen protector film.

I'm looking forward to running my case study starting tomorrow. And I'm not even going to be the one to use it.
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