Picstitch the weekend party

If, like me, you get snap-happy at events and on holiday and like to share your favourite pics, but don't want to inundate your friends with "Gadget Girl has added 30 photos to the album Doors of Europe", then the answer may be in selecting your favourites and making a collage, picstitch or digital scrapbook page using one of the many available apps for your tablet or smartphone device.

For my iOS devices I have a number of options, depending on the combination of layout, background, frame surround, photo editing and filtering I want to use. Amongst my favourites are Frame Magic and Pic Collage (also available on Android). If you like more traditional scrapbook style delivery, then ScrapPad or Martha Stewart's CraftStudio may be more suitable.

To find your flavour search for apps using "picstitch", "collage", "frame" and "scrapbook" as keywords. There are many options available, regardless of iOS, Android or Windows. Many are free with in-app upgrade options, have a free lite version or have a free trial so figuring out the right app for you is easy.

What I enjoy about this way of sharing pictures is that it allows me to tell a wee story in one delivery, whether simply in the combination of pictures or by the addition of text and sticker elements. It can be quite a fun and creative release.
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