Telling tales to tots

One of my god-daughters is staying overnight which meant the requisite bedtime story. Having divested ourselves of most of our book collection - including children's books - on a recent move, we've taken to using kindles and iPads as digital substitutes. As with the last few sleepover visits, godchild and I curled up with my old iPad 1 to read a couple of interactive books. Our publisher of choice is Tabtale Limited who produce a range of book, roleplay and educational game applications. The traditional fairytales with princesses and fairies are particular favourites.

What makes the experience a shared enjoyment is that I can still elect to read the story myself, whilst Giselle can participate by tapping the various elements, recording snippets for some of the characters and 'turning the page'. As little miss is only four, I'm not keen to get her started gaming on any devices yet, however as a supervised activity we both enjoy the game components of the books: dressing Cinderella up for the ball or choosing Tinkerbell's jewelry.

Tabtale books are predominantly free (a few are paid) and an in-app upgrade can remove the advertising.

With school holidays coming up, even those who don't have little ones may be getting the Christmas visits... it's worth checking out these options. Tabtale can be found on Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

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