Midweek Q&A

Today I'm covering one very consumer question and the other work-related...

Q: I'm interested in buying a movie off iTunes - how much of my monthly internet quota will that use?

The amount of your quota used will depend on the movie and the quality you want. If you want to check, simply scroll down to the bottom of the movie details in the iTunes store and look for the 'Information' section. You'll see the available sizes listed there.

For some movies an HD (high definition) version will be available and this can be twice the size of SD (standard definition). If you're on a fairly low cap, you may need to compromise on the quality if you're purchasing or renting a few of these in any given month.

Remember too that you will use the same amount against your quota for every device you download to - for example if you're using both your iPhone and iPad or Mac.

Q: I need to put together some brand instructions for a vendor - how can I tell what fonts we already use on our website?

On Windows, in recent versions of the main browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera) you can simply right-click on the text (or any other element) you're interested in and select 'Inspect Element'.

An area opens up with the source code for the page and another smaller area which tells you the specific styles applied. Look for 'font' and 'font-family' definitions. It will also show you the colour values and other information which you may want to pass on to your vendor.

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