The right form

In my youth I seriously considered pursuing a dance career. It wasn't unusual for me to be in the studio more than 3 hours a day with professionals overseeing me and drilling the importance of correct form and technique. Hours were spent in front of the mirror with my ballet teacher instructing me to move limbs by degrees and perfecting timing.

Given how important I find watching myself exercise to ensure that I'm programming muscle memory correctly, I find it odd how many gyms and studios don't offer mirrors or recording facilities. It's one of the reasons I appreciate the XBox Kinect: it's like having Miss Peters and her stick hooking under my ankle and pushing my leg 10 degrees higher or banging the floor to accentuate the beat.

Smartphones and tablets can be great for recording and then analysing your sporting and exercise pursuits and yet most of us don't think to record ourselves running to figure out why our knees and ankles are hurting, to watch ourselves serve the ball, or to the see whether our downward-facing dogs are correctly formed. There are plenty of apps to help with that kind of thing  - the photos are from Ubersense.

So whether you're just wanting to exercise correctly so as not to injure yourself or you're wanting to push your performance, I recommend you think about your devices for more than Facebook! It's just as handy for team performance: a way to analyse game play and tactics.

For my part, I'm usually satisfied to record using the onboard camera but it can sometimes be useful to have a few more tools to hand. Apps such as Ubersense and Coach's Eye can help with that.

Video Analysis & Sports Coaching App | Ubersense
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