Get your social media on... Facebook like box

For a couple of my blogs, I use social media to promote content and engage with readers. You'll notice that there are links on the header navigation to the Gadget Girl Google+ and Facebook pages, as well as a link to the Twitter account.

The merits of engaging through social media channels isn't the topic today. Instead I wanted to share how simple it can be, using the readily available online tools, to provide links to social media assets from your own website or blog.

Today's how-to is to add a Facebook like box, as featured on this blog.

What you need

  • Access to edit the layout components or templates of your website
  • A Facebook page


Go to and change the default URL to your Facebook page URL. Configure the settings until you get the result you want and click "Get Code". From there, simply follow the instructions to insert the plug in code into your website template or content. There are a variety of options, from a simple URL call to iframe and HTML5.

Facebook Like Box
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