iPad + AirPlay + QuickOffice = wireless presentations

Last week I wrote a how-to on connecting iOS devices to a television wirelessly using an AppleTV. This can be great fun if you want to watch a movie, share photos or game on something bigger the 9.7". But what about delivering a simple PowerPoint presentation? Easy!

Although there are a number of options for Microsoft Office compatible apps, the one I use is QuickOffice. Not only does it allow me to play my presentations back, it enables simple edits for those last minute touch ups and typo fixes. Even better, when it detects that it's connected to an 'external monitor' it enables additional presentation controls on the iPad such a red 'laser pointer'.

What you need

  • All the components from the how-to on iOS and AirPlay
  • A compatible iOS device (iPad recommended) running QuickOffice - this is a paid app
Replacing a meeting or class room projector? Don't! | Gadget Girl Files


  • Prepare your AirPlay connection per the how-to
  • Open your presentation on QuickOffice (step 1)
  • Enable AirPlay to your AppleTV and enable mirroring (step 2)
  • Within your presentation tap the play icon and select 'External Monitor' (step 3)
  • Your presentation should now display in play mode on the TV with additional controls on the iPad
Technically, you shouldn't need to enable mirroring, however my personal experience is that mirroring is the sure-fire way for QuickOffice to detect the external monitor.
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