Use your AppleTV with your Android

If you happen to have an AppleTV and want to use your Android device to stream media using AirPlay, it is possible. The option I've tried is ZappoTV's AppleTV AirPlay Media Player.

This app is available free from Google Play. You have to setup an account use it, but it's pretty painless. Unfortunately, you won't be able leverage the same level of functionality as you can with iOS devices but it does enable you to play YouTube videos, share photos and stream media using it's in-built player capability.

AppleTV AirPlay Media Player - Android Apps on Google Play

What you need

  • A television with HDMI input
  • An Android device running at least 2.1 with ZappoTV's AppleTV AirPlay Media Player installed
  • A ZappoTV account
  • Apple TV generation 2 or 3 running the latest software
  • Wi-Fi 802.11a/g/n network (you can use a MiFi if you're needing to be mobile)


  1. Hook up the AppleTV to the television
  2. Connect your 'droid device and the AppleTV to the same network (so they can 'see' each other)
  3. Open AppleTV AirPlay Media Player app
  4. Select the Devices tab and select the AppleTV you wish to use -  wait until the device is connected
  5. From the Browser tab decide what type of media you want to beam 
The image below shows streaming a YouTube video from my Nexus 7. (And by the way, that's me stroking the swarm of bees with my bare hand.) 

Gadget Girl says

I like that this app allows me to extend the use of an existing accessory to other devices and for that factor alone, it's worth a try.

The requirement that I register a ZappoTV account and log in each time is a bit annoying and seems entirely unnecessary. And it doesn't seem intuitive to have to remember to click into devices as a separate step: it would have been better to have it prompted as you open the app.

On the positive side, it works well and seems stable. Despite having limited range of functionality, it does target the ones you're most likely to use. And it's FREE.
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