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Yesterday, I covered how to use Remote Shutter Pro to remote control the camera on an iOS device from another. Today, let's talk about Android.

Take your pic... iOS | Gadget Girl Files

Finding an app for Android was a little bit harder. Not that there weren't any, there are a number of options. The issue is finding an app that's compatible with both hardware that you intend to use. It's much easier if you're using two HTC One, for example, but not so easy if like me you're running one Acer Iconia and a Nexus 7.

Finally settling on Camera Remote by Busy WWW, I went ahead and tried to replicate what I do with Remote Shutter by using the Bluetooth capability. Those aren't the only connectivity options for Camera Remote but is the one I'll talk you through today. You can also use Camera Remote from a web browser or PC but for this I'm looking at one Android device to another.

Although more secure, perhaps that iOS, for ensuring that you are explicitly connecting two devices, I found connecting quite a bit more time consuming and frustrating. First you have to make the two devices discoverable, then connect, then agree the pairing once you've checked they're publishing the same key.

Once you've managed all that, you can switch between front and rear cameras, toggle photo or video mode and manipulate zoom.

For all its capability, if you're in a hurry and not so proficient technically, I wouldn't suggest depending on this app. However, it is free and does offer you the capability on Android. I'll certainly give it another go once I've bought an HTC One in a week or so and get a little more proficient with it.

Camera Remote - Android Apps on Google Play
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