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Ever want to use your iPhone to take a group shot, not so obvious selfie or photo from an awkward position and wish you could have a camera remote? Well, if you have another iOS device handy, you can.

There are a number of app options that let you use Bluetooth to control the camera from one device to another but the one I've settled on and happily used for nearly a year is Remote Shutter Pro by i-App Creation Co., Ltd.

For NZ$2.59 you get all the convenience of a live streaming view from the camera on the remote device but if you only need the remote capability and maybe a timer function, the free version, Remote Shutter - Camera Timer with Lens, might be enough. Certainly, it's worth trying the free version to sample the app.

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad on iOS 4 or greater, as both remote and camera.

As well as the remote camera function and timer, Remote Shutter can apply a number of filters to add special effects to your shots. Remote functions include toggling of flash, multi-pic snapping, camera light, front and rear camera switching, and timer. With the Pro edition you can save to the camera rolls of both the camera and remote device, handy if you and a friend both want copies.

Remote Shutter - Camera Timer with Lens filter
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