Hook up your sound system through Bluetooth

I have a plethora of Bluetooth speakers that I use around the house but increasingly, I've been wanting to use our sound system in lounge to play music through. Afterall, the sub-woofer and Wharfedale speakers are hooked up in there.

Although I already had a Bluetooth audio receiver I could use, I wanted one that would work plugged in. The on-board battery on the one from my kit is useful on the go but painful if I want to have music or other audio streaming for a few hours.

I tracked down this Wireless Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver Adapter from DealExtreme which I considered well worth a go for less than $30 USD.

Although I've had it since August, I only got round to using it last week and I love it. Initially I was worried about a high-pitched squeal but a bit of playing identified that it was the cheapie RCA to 3.5mm audio jack cable I was using. Once I changed it out, no squeal and the sound quality was crisp and clear.

The device is easy to use: just plug in the power and the audio and simply pair with your bluetooth enabled audio device. Unplug the power to switch off. The receiver doesn't remember it's last paired device: it requires re-pairing every time and there's no button to switch it to pairing mode (hence the reboot is the method to switch), however given I use several different devices this is a plus.

If you have a great sound-system at home (or even at work) and want to get wireless sounds going, I'd happily point you to this as a solution.

Wireless Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver Adapter - Black
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