Get into the habit

We're midway through January and I wouldn't be surprised if a few of us haven't struggled with those New Year resolutions. I'm not so much into resolutions, but I need to ensure I have good habits in place either to support some longer-term goals or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One of my favourite range of apps are the Weple ones produced by Bumblebee for iOS. And for the last couple of months I've been using Weple Habit. Habit is one of the more recent additions by Bumblebee and it's a very simple app. You create tasks, assign a date range, pick the days of the week they occur, choose an icon and colour for each. Once they're in you simply click the corresponding dot each day to denote tasks which you have completed.

There are far more complex and fully featured apps that do similar things out there and, even by Gadget Girl's normal app selection criteria, this is nowhere near the best - no device sync, no multiplatform options - but so far it's the best for me. The reason? It's so simple: I go in around bedtime everyday tap, tap, tap and done. As with all Bumblebee's products it's pretty; and if you have to look at something everyday that's actually an important facet of the user experience.

Given I've used it successfully everyday for 48 days now, I think it's been worth the $0.99USD price tag.

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