In the boudoir... 5 grooming gadgets I love

Ok, so this is the Gadget Girl Files right? And I am about sharing the everyday ways that I use technology. As I was exfoliating in the shower and checking out the couple of electronic grooming products in there, I thought about the fact that there are a raft of technologies I use on a regular basis. And when it comes to grooming and beauty, there are constantly new technologies and methods to help us take care of, pamper, or even enhance our assets.

Five of my favourites - in this article staying with hair care and in no particular order - are as follows:
  1. Remington Pearl Hair Straightener: okay, so my hair is drop-dead straight with a simple run of my fingers through it. I actually use straighteners for adding waves or curls. The Pearl has replaced my old Remington Diamond and is a nice step up. I love it because it has a 10 second heat up, perfect for my inability to get organised in the morning; and it cools down in 2 minutes which means I can put it away properly before I leave the house, no stress that I've left it plugged in. It's variable temperature control can heat to 235 degrees Celsius: my hair requires 230 degrees for a curl to stick but once it's curled it will stay that way all day. It's a ceramic (good) with real pearl mixed in. This is a smooth glide and my hair looks glossier when I finish. Other features not to be sneezed at: fully rotating cable, digital display and a 3 metre cord so I can stand upright whilst fussing about in front of the mirror.
  2. Braun Silk Epil Eversoft Deluxe: I grant that Braun have a wide range of epilators to choose from and I have had this one for around six years now, but it still does the trick and I like it much better than the Philips one I bought with a built in battery that just doesn't cut it. The Eversoft Deluxe has two speed settings and a couple of attachments to cover the tweezers. The cable is long and fully removable from the device itself. An oldie but a goodie and though, I have easy-care legs, nice occasionally to have them smoother than shaving and with the effects lasting a couple of weeks rather than days.
  3. Remington AC3000 Ionic Hair Dryer: to confess, I thought ionic technologies were a bit gimmicky. When I bought this hair dryer from the Salon Collection, I chose it because it came with a carry case and the Pearl hair straightener. Now, however, I am a convert and have been telling all my gal pals to change out to an ionic dryer if they want fizz-free, glossy, dried at the salon hair. I love this because it has three heat settings and three speed settings. It does come with a couple of attachments but I really don't use them. I can wash my hair and within the space of a song on my iPod my hair is dried, styled and ready to go. The paddle brush it comes with converted me too: I seriously have glossy, flyaway free, straight hair very quickly from roots to tips and can achieve Cleopatra-channeling looks with my shoulder-blade length hair with no fuss and no other haircare products. Of course, this is because I have straight hair anyway, but you wavy and curly ladies, this should smooth out the texture of your strands and the diffuser attachment is meant for you.
  4. Remington Smooth & Silky Beauty Groomer: this facial epilator runs on two AAA batteries and is perfect in between or instead of waxing. Need I really say more? I've had it for about three years and it still works a treat.
  5. Revlon Gentle Heat Lash Curler: I find traditional eyelash curlers to be quite awkward and somewhat cruel to my lashes. This little beauty takes a single AAA battery - lasts a few weeks before changing out - and heats to a low temperature, just warm enough to move mascara. I generally switch it on just as I start applying my foundation or BB cream. By the time I apply my mascara, it's warm enough to run over the eyelashes and use the heated mascara to create the soft curl I prefer. My day-to-day makeup routine is less than five minutes and since I use nude, glossy lips, my enhancements tend toward my eyes. This little gadget helps me get the right effect with less hassle.
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