Activate the Windows 8.1 upgrade

If you have a Windows 8 notebook or tablet, you may have been wanting to upgrade to Windows 8.1 and haven't been prompted by the Windows Store. Particularly if you have a new device and are facing several gigs of system updates, you may want to skip that step altogether and get on with the 3.1 GB download of Windows 8.1.

I've faced this exact problem with my Taichi. Despite several attempts to apply all the updates and therefore activate the 8.1 upgrade, one of the updates happens to be incompatible with my device and the patching has been reversed. Annoying!

A Google search threw up a Microsoft help article with the specific update required. A few minutes after installing KB2871389 and restarting the computer, the familiar upgrade panel in the Windows Store was available.

The support page gives step by step detail on this and other potential Store issues related to the upgrade, so I won't cover that here. Suffice to say, however that you can elect, as I did, to install just that update rather than download all the security patches.
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