Is it a notebook? Is it a tablet? No it's a Taichi!

As I write this I am applying (or at least trying to apply) patches to my Asus Taichi ultrabook. This is preparation of giving it a real trial. Frustratingly it's still on Windows 8. Attempting to navigate that operating system has been frustrating, hence the updates so I can upgrade to Windows 8.1.

So what is the Taichi? It's a dual screen device: one screen functions as the 'lid' and is a touch-screen enabling a tablet mode. Open it up, however and you have a second, non-touch screen and a standard keyboard which gives you a notebook/ultrabook mode.

You can elect to use both screens at the same time: as a presentation screen, for example, with the desktop duplicated or extended to the external panel.

To confess, I've had this since December as my other half thought it would be good for me to trial and gave it to me as my Christmas present. I just haven't actually been excited enough to use it and I suspect that it's because I've been on holiday. As a personal device I'm not really seeing how it would fit into my daily life in a way that exceeds my existing separate ultrabook/tablet combo. The most useful I suspect would be as a business device to take to clients and use for small presentations/discussions.


I was extremely excited when I got the Asus Zenbook last year and it's now my main workhorse (for writing and anything where a full OS is required and a desktop environment). I wouldn't consider swapping the Zenbook for the Taichi, the former's sleek lines and slim profile are still more aesthetically pleasing... and it's Windows 7.

That said, I haven't spent enough time yet to form a firm opinion on the Taichi as a business device and online reviews give the hardware some pretty good scores. More on this later...!
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