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When my other half went to the optometrist a few years back to get his first prescription of reading glasses he almost hit the bright young optometrist when she glibly told him "don't worry, it's only age-related". Although his prescription has stayed fairly static, even with retina displays and so on, he has found the increasingly high resolution phone displays make texts and emails that are difficult to read. He was tempted to upgrade to an iPhone 6 for increased screen real-estate. Surely, he posited to me, there must be an existing workaround for this.

Accessibility options, I replied. Say what?!

We often think of accessibility issues being about blindness, deafness, or a physical impairment of some sort. The simple fact of getting older doesn't typically fall into the 'accessibility' category but it does. As do a raft of other things such as language, reading age, etc... which we may not consider fall under that classification.

  • On iOS you can find the full suite of accessibility options in Settings > General > Accessibility
  • On Android go to Settings > Accessibility
  • On Windows phones under Settings > Ease of Access

Since enabling large font, Drew's been able to receive and send txt message without having to reach for his specs. Now converted to the value of this little known configuration he intends to set up his parents' devices with similar customisations.
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