Teleprompter solution

As I've been creating more video content for many of my blogs, including Gadget Girl Files and The Style File, I looked at options for a low-cost teleprompter. Listec Promptware Plus, which has apps for iOS and Android, is free and although it's not the nicest looking app and has crashed a couple of times during edits, the teleprompter function is stable and works exactly as expected.

Having hooked it up wirelessly to a screen, I think it's a pretty neat solution for small events or video bloggers.

For iOS: PromptWare Plus
For Android: PromptWare Plus - Android Apps on Google Play
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  4. As I've been making more video content for a considerable lot of my web journals, including Gadget Girl Files and The Style File, I took a gander for alternatives at a minimal cost monitor. Pay For Essay, Listec Promptware Plus, which has applications for iOS and Android, is free and in spite of the fact that it's not the most pleasant looking application and has smashed multiple times during alters, the monitor work is steady and works precisely true to form.

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